Website Maintenance


“It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent”. That simply means, maintain rather re-design.

(1) Maintenance avoids the critical bug.

(2) Do not put off maintenance activities.

(3) It is advisable to have a regular website maintenance for the functionality of the site.

(5) It makes a website easy by complying with the rules, it may cost more time and other resources to fix bugs.


Maintenance of websites are actually these activities a web designer or developer designed to ensure a smooth running of websites content, applications and its technologies.

These activities are very relevant as web contents and its technology are meant to be dynamic. It helps search engines to crawl, check and monitor site behaviour.

 We are professionals.

As it is a part of our services, we schedule website maintenance on a regular basis to suit your needs or as schedules are needed. In some cases, access to the website may be temporarily restricted while maintenance is performed (maintenance mode). In this case, a notice may be sent to users ahead of time to make them aware of the fact that the site will not be available during a specific time period on a particular day.

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(1) Keep it secure and authentication.

(2) To keep updates,

(3) If there is a security threat like phishing, malware etc.

(4) For Access Control Service (a security service that provides protection of system resources against unauthorised access. ACLs)

(6) Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis.

(7) Analyse your website / Check if everything is up-to-date.

(8) Check your website for any security threat.

(9) To ensure that your website works properly on different browsers like;  Microsoft edge (Internet Explorer), Firefox, Safari, ubuntu and Chrome.

(10) If Codes are updated regularly to comply with WordPress update is when released every 50 days on average.

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