The world has become a small village as technology is the mother of invention.  No wonder the Book of Life (Bible) admonished us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion over everything. Let us utilise these resources.


The record shows that in 2017 we have 7.5 Billion people in the world and 3.9 billion in 2017 internet users.

 The world is now a small village, the era of ‘LordMatic’ We are socially instantaneously revealing what goes in the world from our fingertips. More than half of the world’s population now uses the internet “dominion”.

It’s only been 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee made the ‘World Wide Web’ available to the public, the internet has already become a part of everyday life since that time.


How Far Do You Know?

  • More than half the world now uses a smartphone;
  • Almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone;
  • More than half of all mobile connections around the world are now ‘broadband’;

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The website vulnerability

The website vulnerability

This article might not mean anything to you but you have to simply ask me the questions.
A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the desktop version for end-to-end encrypted Telegram messaging app that was being exploited in the wild in order to spread malware that mines cryptocurrencies such as Monero and ZCash.

The Telegram vulnerability was uncovered by security researcher Alexey Firsh from Kaspersky Lab last October and affects only the Windows client of Telegram messaging software.The flaw has actively been exploited in the wild since at least March 2017 by attackers who tricked victims into downloading malicious software onto their PCs that used their CPU power to mine cryptocurrencies or serve as a backdoor for attackers to remotely control the affected machine, according to a blogpost on Securelist.Here’s How Telegram Vulnerability Works

The vulnerability resides in the way Telegram Windows client handles the RLO (right-to-left override) Unicode character (U+202E), which is used for coding languages that are written from right to left, like Arabic or Hebrew.

According to Kaspersky Lab, the malware creators used a hidden RLO Unicode character in the file name that reversed the order of the characters, thus renaming the file itself, and send it to Telegram users.

For example, when an attacker sends a file named “photo_high_re*U+202E*gnp.js” in a message to a Telegram user, the file’s name rendered on the users’ screen flipping the last part.Therefore, the Telegram user will see an incoming PNG image file (as shown in the below image) instead of a JavaScript file, misleading into downloading malicious files disguised as the image.

“As a result, users downloaded hidden malware which was then installed on their computers,” Kaspersky says in its press release published today.

Kaspersky Lab reported the vulnerability to Telegram and the company has since patched the vulnerability in its products, as the Russian security firm said: “at the time of publication, the zero-day flaw has not since been observed in messenger’s products.”

The Harkers News: February 13, 2018, Swati Khandelwal

Cyber Security (Wanna Cry ransomware worm)

Cyber Security (Wanna Cry ransomware worm)


Cyber issues are skyrocketing daily.  It was reported yesterday by Singapore and Washington. The problems are, a lot of people are still on the “sleeping mat”. Here are what was reported.

SINGAPORE/WASHINGTON Asian governments and businesses reported some disruptions from the WannaCry ransomware worm on Monday but cybersecurity experts warned of a wider impact as more employees turned on their computers and checked e-mails.

Now is the question. What are you doing to keep these issues out of your website?  Click below.


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Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked

Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked

He might run the world’s biggest social networking site, but not even Mark Zuckerberg is immune to being hacked.

The Facebook founder’s accounts on sites including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest appear to have been briefly compromised on Sunday.

A hacker group called Ourmine, which has more than 40,000 Twitter followers, claimed responsibility.

The group bragged about the alleged hacks in a tweet and invited Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.

“Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us.”

Engadget posted a screengrab of the alleged hack of the Facebook chief executive’s Twitter account:

Barts Health Trust Launches Cyber Attack Probe.

Barts Health Trust Launches Cyber Attack Probe.

Barts Health Trust launches cyber attack probe.

Royal London Hospital
The trust did not say if any patient data
had been compromised been compromised

England’s largest NHS Trust has been hit by a

cyber attack, it has emerged.

Barts Health Trust, which runs The Royal London, St Bartholomew’s, Whipps Cross, Mile End and Newham

hospitals is investigating the breach.

The trust said it could now rule out ransomware, in which email recipients are tricked into opening attachments which contain viruses, as the cause.

which email recipients are tricked into opening attachments which contain viruses, as the cause. attachments which contain viruses, as the cause.

It has not confirmed how much of its system was affected but said there was no sign that patient data was accessed.

In a statement said: “We are urgently investigating this matter and have taken a number of drives offline as a precautionary measure.

“We have tried and tested contingency plans in place and are making every effort to ensure that patient care will not be affected.”

The incident follows a similar attack on the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Foundation Trust in October, when malware was used to encrypt files on the trust’s system and demand a ransom in order to access them again.

The trust did not pay out, but was forced to cancel patient appointments while its systems were shut down to remove the virus.

Lincolnshire operations cancelled after network attack

Diana Princess of Wales Hospital

Hundreds of planned operations and outpatient appointments have been cancelled across Lincolnshire after an NHS computer network was attacked.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLAG) said systems were infected with a virus on Sunday, with it treated as a “major incident”.

The trust, which runs hospitals in Goole, Grimsby and Scunthorpe, said the measures would remain into Tuesday.
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) also had to cancel operations.
Dr Karen Dunderdale, NLAG deputy chief executive, said: “A virus infected our electronic systems yesterday, and we have taken the decision, following expert advice, to shut down the majority of our systems so we can isolate and destroy it.
“Our main priority is patient safety. All adult patients should presume their appointment/procedure has been cancelled unless they are contacted. Those who turn up will be turned away.”
The trust added that inpatients would be cared for and discharged as soon as they were medically fit, with major trauma cases and high risk women in labour being diverted to neighbouring hospitals.
It said: “We are reviewing the situation on an hourly basis. Our clinicians will continue to see, treat and operate on those patients who would be at significant clinical risk should their treatment be delayed.”
Further updates will be posted on the trust website.
ULHT shares four of its clinical IT systems and said it had to cancel operations “unless there is a clinical reason not to”.
Mark Brassington, chief operating officer at ULHT, said: “We have a plan in place to minimise risks to patients which includes reverting to manual systems.
“The biggest impact on the trust is in processing of blood tests, access to historical test results and availability of blood for blood transfusions.
“Our number one priority is keeping patients safe so we are cancelling all planned operations tomorrow unless there is a clinical reason not to.”

( 14 January 201731, October 2016 ) 

Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

Imminent: Non-HTTPS Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

On approximately January 31st of this month, version 56 of the Chrome web browser will be released. There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it.

Starting with the release of Chrome 56 this month, any website that is not running HTTPS will have a message appear in the location bar that says “Not Secure” on pages that collect passwords or credit cards. It will look like this:

This is the first part of a staged rollout that encourages websites to get rid of plain old HTTP.

In an upcoming release Google Chrome will label all non-HTTPS pages in incognito mode as “Not secure” because users using this mode have an increased expectation of privacy.

The final step in the staged rollout will be that Chrome will label all plain HTTP pages as “Not secure”. It will look like this:

The impact on WordPress site owners

So, once again, starting on approximately January 31st of this month, any page on your website that is non-HTTPS and has a password form or credit card field will be labeled as “Not secure” in the location bar by Google Chrome. This includes your WordPress login page.

This may confuse your site visitors who sign in to your website because they may interpret the message to indicate that your website has been compromised. They could also interpret the message to mean that your site has some underlying security issue other than being non-HTTPS.

The current timeline for the release of Chrome 56 is unclear. The official statement from Google indicates it will be released sometime in “January”. However, based on the Chromium development calendar it looks like Chrome 56 may be released on January 31st. You’ll notice that calendar says “Estimated stable dates” and is subject to change.

Assuming Chrome 56 will be released on January 31st, that gives you two weeks starting today to get your site running on 100% SSL to avoid the new “Not secure” message appearing on your login pages.

What to do if your site is not HTTPS

We recommend you start by looking at the support documentation that your hosting provider offers to find out how to set up SSL on their system. You will find that some hosting providers offer free SSL and others have a very easy installation method. If you ignore this and decide to configure things manually you may be making life more difficult for yourself.

Google has a technical description of how to implement SSL on your website. You will also find many guides describing how to set up SSL for WordPress with a simple Google search. But definitely start by visiting your hosting provider support documentation or doing a google search for your hosting provider name and ‘SSL installation’ without quotes.

If you have already set up SSL on your site, congratulations!  You are all set and ready for the new change in Chrome 56 coming later this month.

Please share this with the broader WordPress community to promote the use of SSL across all websites and to help other WordPress site owners stay secure.


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Lordmatic In The Classical World

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Life and Relationships

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